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         The first manufacturing unit of Teeson Group was started in 1980 by T.G.Chandrakumar,Chairman & Managing Director of Teeson Group and it was the hard work, determination and professional approach of Mr.Chandrakumar has been the pillar stone to elevate “TEESON” to newer heights.
Having completed more than 34 years in manufacturing & marketing of Tread Rubber, Precured Tread Rubber and Bonding Gum, the Teeson Group could acquired a major share in the market of Tyre Retreading materials all over India and abroad. Now the Teeson is having fully satisfied dealers all most all over India South-North and East-West in order to market its products under the brand name ‘TEESON’.
As a part of diversification ,a Chemical Trading Division was also started in 1998 under Gem Chem India at Punkunnam ,Trichur,Kerala,India, and it has got the dealership business of M/s National Organic Chemicals India Ltd., M/s Sky Carbon Black India Ltd(Hitec Carbon) ,M/s Reliance Industries etc .

Corporate Profile:

The first manufacturing unit of Teeson Group was started in 1980 at Thrissur –Dist,Kerala,India and having completed 34 years in manufacturing & marketing of Super Quality Tread Rubber, Precured Tread Rubber and Bonding Gum ,the Teeson Group could acquired a major share in the market of Tyre Retreading materials all over India & Abroad. In each of the production process of Precured Tread Rubber ,Tread Rubber and Bonding Gum –Teeson does comply with the ISO 9001:2008 international standard in quality and it has been our constant endeavor to elevate our international competitiveness coincide with LOWEST COST PER KILOMETER of TEESON -Treads.

Having widest range in tread design and patterns ie is more than 380 different patterns to meet the requirements of every customers from hot regions to cold region and hilly terrain to plain area, the TEESON offers wide range of Tread Patterns with promise of assured quality. The overwhelming response we have been getting from all over the world is the clear indication of consistence in quality which we have been maintaining since 1980.

Quality Policy:

The quality control of the TEESON starts right from the procurement of super quality natural rubber and the rubber chemicals from the internationally renowned suppliers like M/s Ski Carbon Black India Pvt. Ltd, Reliance Industires Ltd, NOCIL ,Mitsubishi Corporation, Indian Oil Corporation etc..The consistency in the TEESON’s compound quality is mainly because of the procurement of the super quality raw materials.
The most innovative ideas , & commitment coincide with R & D support helped us to deliver superior quality rubber compound that give higher mileage to our customers. We constantly engage in testing of these compounds in order to ensure that our valued customers get a product that gives value for their money.


The use of most sophisticated machineries and procurement of quality raw materials along with the support of R & D has been helped us to provide unmatched mileage to TEESON Treads. We constantly engage in testing and analyzing our Tread Compound and thereby enable us to ensure the assured quality of our products .The most innovative ideas coincide with the support of R & D have been the reason to deliver super quality compound that gives higher mileage to our valued customers .

The comparative tests have shown that Teeson Treads Last Longer.Why?

  • Teeson Treads are made exclusively of firstrate quality controlled materials
  • Mixing of Rubber compound is done in advance high tech K4 INTERMIX.
  • High Pressing force(3000 kgs/cm2 )applied when the treads are manufactured.
  • Teeson Treads are cured at constant temperature by most advanced heating system-thermic fluid heater.Fully automatic thermic fluid system permits the transfer of energy at high temperature without corrosion or pressure avoiding steam condensation

We are proud and happy to inform you that we have introduced a new tread compound in tyre retreading/resoling industry – “POLY LAKH”. It has been our constant Endeavour to evolve new techniques and methods in tyre resoling/retreading industry. As a result of this, our R & D Department have developed a most successful and complaint free compound called “POLY LAKH”.